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Days at Carrdus are busy and engaging.

Smaller classes and first-rate facilities ensure that children get the best possible start to their school life; creativity of thought and action is encouraged. Our children are challenged, busy and happy but have plenty of free time to enjoy the beautiful gardens. 

Doors open at 08:00, when children and adults may come into Breakfast Club and enjoy a sociable start to the school day. At 08:30 children go to their classes before registration at 08:40. First Break is at 10:40, lasts for 20 minutes and gives the children the chance to climb trees, build dens and have a healthy snack.

Lunch starts at 11:50 for the Lower School and 12:40 for the Upper School. Children enjoy a delicious cooked option with vegetables, salad and home-baked bread as well as a tasty pudding or yoghurt plus fresh fruit every day.

After eating lunch, the children have a Lunch Break outside - 15 minutes for the Lower School and 25 minutes for the Upper School. Lessons restart at 12:40 for the Lower School and 13:30 for the Upper School with the formal school day ending at 15:40. The day is extended to 17:30 by our Enrichment Programme for Years 1-3 and Years 4-6 including After School Club, Homework Club and Teatimers.

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